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how reliable is hyperdia

How reliable is Hyperdia


Im planning a trip to Japan and im thinking about buying a 14 days pass to see a lot of Japan. Because all the names of the lines are hard to memorize given the Japanse names, im using the map on this site and Hyperdia for planning. I noticed that the map on this site showing all the "allowed" trains is not up-to-date. For example I noticed that the shinkanzen to Kanazawa is not on there, i accidentally spotted it by using Hyperdia. After some google work i found out that this shinkanzen is indeed covered by the JR pass. I also noticed that Hyperdia is giving me a heads up that maybe some trains are not covered by the JR pass, while having Hyperdia set up as suggested by the FAQ to only show trains that are allowed with the JR pass.

So my question is: how reliable is Hyperdia if i turn off Airplanes, local lines and NOZOMI / MIZUHO /



Hi there,

Hyperdia is very reliable (I'd say over 99%), it just takes a bit of time to learn.

Maybe an easy rule for Shinkansen travel is: All Shinkansen are covered by the JR Pass, expect for the Nozomi and Mizuho train services.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick reply, more than helpful!


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