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how do i receive the exchange order

How do I receive the exchange order

If I buy the JR Pass on the internet how will I receive the exchange order. I will be travelling in a few days.



How many exactly are a "few days"?

Unfortunately since you have not purchased the exchange order until so late there is a lot more risk involved. You can get some info on where, aside from here, you can get an exchange order on:

If you are taking a JAL or ANA flight you may be able to buy one at the airport - with some exceptions - for example US airports can do it at the JAL counter but not the Vancouver B.C. counter - so contact the airline to verify it if you're taking one of those airlines. Otherwise, you can try and find a travel agency that will take your purchase and then mail your exchange order to your address in Japan. If you are constantly moving around or don't know what your address will be, you are pretty much out of luck and can try and take advantage of some regional passes that you can buy once in Japan:


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We ship very quickly but we do need a couple of business days depending on where in the world you are located. Please see our shipping page with exact details. We can also ship the JR Pass to you accommodation in Japan, given that you please the order outside of Japan.

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