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hokkaido using the jr pass

Hokkaido using the JR Pass

Hi there,

My partner and I are planning to travel from Tokyo to Hokkaido in early October on the train. We would like to take the Cassiopeia or Hokutosei trains but realise that there is a high chance we won't be able to get a booking, so we are looking at the JR Pass in case we can't.

I've read the other posts related to my query and understand that the JR Pass can be used on the sleeper trains with an extra fee, and we are happy for that, but is it worth getting the pass at all since we are only looking to do a one way train trip from Tokyo to Sapporo (we will fly back to Tokyo). We are also planning on travelling around Hokkaido for 9 days visiting Asahidake for Daisatsuzen National Park and the Lake Toyo area in addition to travelling from Tokyo to Sapporo.

Can you offer me any advice on whether the JR Pass will the most economical option of us?

Thank you!


Hello there!

Traveling from Tokyo - Hokkaido is one of the best ways to use a JR Pass. Just a one way ticket Tokyo - Sapporo is ¥ 24,240 which alone almost pays for the 7 day JR Pass (¥ 29,110). With a little travel around Hokkaido such as the Ashidake or Toya it is very easy to make savings. However this is given that you make the trip Tokyo - Sapporo during the day with the Shinkansen. I would probably suggest buying normal tickets if you plan to travel by night-train.

Hope this gives you some insight,

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