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I bought 7 day JRP. I'm starting using it on the 21st September from Tokyo to Nikko and gradually I will get to Hiroshima. On the 27th September I want to go by overnight train back to Tokyo. My question is: If I get on the train on the 27th September at 10pm and go over the night without changing the train, would JRP be valid on the 28th or not? In other words, should I have to buy a regular ticket from midnight or would JRP cover my last route?

Thank you for your answers


Hi there!

There is no night train going from Hiroshima - Tokyo however you could take the Sunrise Express from the nearby Okayama. The JR Pass allows you to finish your ride on the last day of use if you board the train before midnight. So techinically you could do it, however the train can sell out very quickly, so I would suggest reserving the moment that you activate your JR Pass and have a different plan ready, just in case that it does not work out.

I hope this helps!

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