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help with jr pass and other options

Help with JR pass and other options


I´m travelling to Japan for 14 days. The idea is to arrive at Tokio and leaving from Osaka or the other way around. I´d like to visit Tokyo, Nikko, Fiji, The Alps, Koyasan, Kyoto and surroundings áreas. I´m tryting to check the best route oprion and pass. Would it be better to get a 14 days JR pass or a 7 days JR pass and then buses or other passes for the ALps? I´ve been told it would be better to get a pack to travel to the Alps plus a 7 days JR Pass. Or even local JR passes. What would you advice?

Thanks for your help!


Hi there,

It really depends on what you plan to visit in the Japanese Alps, its quite an area. Some places have very good train connections, whist others require bus access. I can give you a better recommendation if you give me more details on what you want to see/do/visit in the Japanese Alps.

This also ties in with the rest of your travel plan. When it comes to the JR Pass, it also depends on how many days you need in each place. Generally a 7 day JR Pass would suffice if you can make the return Tokyo - Osaka with it.

Hope this helps,

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