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hakone or a town closer to mt fujii from tokyo using jr rail pass

Hakone or a town closer to Mt Fujii from Tokyo using JR Rail Pass

We are currently staying in Tokyo and today, Friday, March 28 is our last day of our 7 day JR Rail Pass usage. Would we be able to catch a JR Train or Hikari or Kodama Shinkansen to Hakone and return to Tokyo using our JR Rail Pass. If possible, could you give me the route so that we can get our tickets today. Wanted to get closer to Mt Fujii and Hakone is the only town that comes to mind.


Hi there!

Yes it would certainly be possible to use to JR Pass and the Shinkansen t get closer to Fuji. Possible options are Atami, Odawara (for Hakone) Mishima station (and take a bus from there) or Gotemba (there's shopping there too). All these places are directly on the Shinkansen, except for Gotema. Just tell the JR Pass where you wish to go before departure and they will find the right route and tickets for you.

Hope this gives you some ideas,

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