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green vs.ordinary

Green vs.Ordinary

What are the advantages/perks of travelling with a Green Pass vs. Ordinary pass?


Hi there,

In short Peace, quiet and more space.
I finished a 3 week tour using a green pass myself last April and and heartily recommend going for the upgrade. It's a much more relaxed experience than ordinary trains (no crying children for instance).

It does depend a little bit on where you travel but specially Green cars in Kyushu and the north of Japan are very luxurious and comfortable, complimentary drinks are also served in Hokkaido and Tohoku.

I hope this gives you an idea of what you can expect.

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I agree green pass is really reliable to any traveler and it was really relaxing.


I will be traveling from Narita airport to Tokyo. Tokyo to Mt. Fuji. Tokyo to Kyoto. Kyoto to Hiroshima. I will be going from July 22 to Aug 1st. Will it be worth getting green pass. Will there be available seats? Thank You Daniel-San


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