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green car pass use for regular seats?

Green car pass use for regular seats?

Hi there,

I'm looking to get a green car pass for 14 days coming up for the middle through the end of May. I'm not clear on whether a green car pass gives you the option of reserving green car seats AND the ability to just walk on to a normal seat? Or do you have to reserve a green car seat?

I ask because while I do plan to reserve travel most of the time, I would like the option of just deciding one morning to jump on a train without having to get a reservation :)



Hello there,

Yes a Green Pass offers both options, you can reserve seats for Green Class at any time but also travel in normal class. This is great if you just want to hop on the train or if you travel a leg with a friend who does not have a Green Pass.

So you are good to go!

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Great, thank you so much Daniel-san!


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