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google maps versus hyperida timetables

Google maps versus Hyperida timetables

I'm confused abut train names & timetables (and I'm obviously wanting to use my train pass). Can someone please give me guidance on this.

For 12th April, I'm looking to leave Kyoto around about 1:30 pm but these appear to be conflicting results

Google says:
1:26 pm
Kyoto Station
ShinkansenJR Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen towards Tokyo
2 h 10 min (3 stops) · Platform 11,12

Hyperdia says:
begin KYOTO [ Departure track No.12 ]

Are these one and the same train, and if so… why 7 minutes apart in departure times?

Any ideas? I like using the google maps, because I can see the whole route from Hotel to Hotel, as well, but it's getting worrisome that I might miss a main train/connection is I rely on their timetable at all!



Hi there!

I haven't used Google maps before to look up time tables. This because it is hard to excludes trains not included with the JR Pass. My suggestion would be to use Hyperdia (we have a blog post about it HERE) and use maps from travel between your accommodation and the station. This way you get the best of both worlds :)

Hope this helps!

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Errr, so why does the Japan Travel Planner on the JR Pass website (under further resources) use Goggle Maps?


The map resource uses the Google data base for routes and train lines covered, this however is different from train schedules such as departure times. As far as I know Google does not differentiate between covered by the JR Pass (such as the Hakari) and trains not covered. That's why I wrote my earlier advance.

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Actually, yesterday I spent time sorting out the mystery myself. It's because I'm travelling from Hiroshima to Toyko and points in-between, so google maps is showing the fastest routes with least transfers…. and yes, that means it's the shinkansens that I exclude when searching Hyperdia, because I have a JR pass.

When I allow Hyperdia to search on the other shinkansens, then we get a match. Using both is very helpful though.


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