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getting tickets with jr east pass

Getting Tickets With JR East Pass

Thank you for your extensive answers when asked questions by other members, you have no idea how incredibly helpful it is. With that said I have a couple questions for a first timer.

  1. In order to get a ticket in a station, do I need to show my pass each time at the manned window and they will issue me a ticket for that particular train? Does this include not only the Bullet trains but short local trains?
  2. Will they choose the right JR train for me so that I'm not guessing which line is valid with my pass?
  3. As stated above, I've bought JR Pass EAST - unfortunately I did not look at the map correctly and Osaka and Kyoto is outside my Passes travel range, will I need to purchase ANOTHER Pass for that region?
  4. Do you have a National Pass that encompasses the entire Island?
  5. Is it more advantageous to get a Suica card for all my in town travels like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto etc?
  6. I've been told there are some stations that are unmanned. Are JR Lines Clearly marked in order for me to get the right train? How do you redeem your Pass in a situation like that ?

Thank you in advance I, again along with others I'm sure, deeply thank you for all your detailed answers!!


Hi there,

1.) Local trains and non reserved seats can be boarded by just showing your pass. You may also reserve seats by going to the ticket office and showing your pass. In this case you will be issued a seperate set of tickets.

2.) Yes, the JR Staff will always find the best route for you!

3&4.) You could also consider buying a 7 week JR Pass, which is valid nation wide. The 7 day JR Pass is about the same price as a normal return ticket Tokyo - Osaka, so it's easy to make savings with it.

5.) Yes! Suica or any other IC card is a great way to make your travel convenient. As you only have to swipe it over the ticket gate when entering and exiting the station. Buying normal tickets is a thing of the past!

6.)Yes you can't miss the big green JR sign. Unmanned stations are very rare and are only found in remote areas. In such a case, tickets will be checked once you are onboard the train.

Hope this helps!

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