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furano biei round trip pass

Furano Biei Round Trip Pass

Hello, I am thinking of making use of part of this pass. Can I please find out if I can purchase this ticket from JR Asahikawa station or Asahikawa airport please? I start at Asahikawa, working my way through to Sapporo. I won't have much use for part A of the ticket but plan to use part B quite extensively, which will more than cover the cost of the ticket. Please advise. Thank you.


Hi there,

Please note that we only specialize in the nationwide JR Pass and do not support or are affiliated any other regional pass.

That aside, I don't mind giving you a bit of help. As for as I could find out, the Furano Biei Round Trip Pass can be purchased at any JR station in Hokkaido and at the Twinkle plaza.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for the information!

Apologies this was the wrong forum.


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