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fukuoka to nagoya, round trip, is it worth with jr pass?

Fukuoka to Nagoya, round trip, is it worth with JR PASS?

I'm about to travel to Fukuoka,Japan on next week and I plan to visit my friend in Nagoya on Oct 16, about in the evening.
And then I'll come back to Fukuoka on Oct 18

My friend advice me to buy JR Pass,
I've check and found that JR Pass ticket is not included by Nozomi.
but the suggest route which I searched in Google

I have to walk to Yoshizuka Station
and then take the train at Hakata Station with Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen Nozomi 172

that means I couldn't use JR Pass for this route right?

So what should I do? Please suggest me.
Thank you very for your advices.


Hi there,

A 7 day JR Pass is well worth considering for this route. You can make around 9,000yen in savings simply by using it for the return Nagoya - Fukuoka.

The JR Pass does not cover the Nozomi, however you can use other Shinkansen instead. I have added an example route for the JR Pass for you. It does take a bit longer than the Nozomi but the savings you can make are petty good!

Hope this helps,

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I really feel thankful for you, :)


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