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from tokyo to huis ten bosch

From Tokyo to Huis Ten Bosch

Hello, I would like to know if I'm going to take JR from Tokyo to Huis Ten Bosch, is it the JR pass to cover all the transportation fee for these route?

My trip will like as follow :
1. 東京 -> 新大阪 - 東海道新幹線(Hikari)
2. 新大阪-> 博多 - 山陽新幹線(Hikari)
3. 博多 - > ハウステンボス - 特急ハウステンボス

Thanks for your help.


Hi there!

Yes :) the JR Pass will cover all of these routes. Here's the cost breakdown for these legs for your reference:

  1. Tokyo > Shin-osaka: ¥13750, (180mins, 552km)
  2. Shin-osaka > Hakata: ¥14590, (164mins, 622km)
  3. Hakata > Huis ten bosch: ¥3770, (108mins, 112km)

TOTAL: ¥32110 for 3 legs

Hope this helps!

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