questions & answers: using the japan rail pass

from tokyo on jr pass

from Tokyo on JR pass

How can I get from:

Tokyo to Hakone
Hakone to Takayama
Takayma to Koya-Sun
Koya-Sun to Osaka
Osaka to Miyajima Island
Miyajima Island to Kyoto

Thank you,


Hi Maria,

You can use to look up any route you like. We also have a useful guide explaining all the details. I really recommend this, as the best train route can vary depending on what time of day you travel.

To further help you on your way, here are some station names you may find useful.

Hakone - use Odawara station, this is the bullet train station for Hakone.

For Koya-san, use Gokurakubashi

For Miyajima, use Miyajimaguchi.

Hope this helps!

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