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from narita airport - shinjuku - tokyo - kyoto - osaka - hiroshima - tokyo

From Narita airport - Shinjuku - Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka - Hiroshima - Tokyo

Hi Daniel

I will be travelling with my husband and sister's family of five (3 young children aged 8, 4 and 3) in early April 2016.

We have decided to buy the 7 days ordinary JR pass for us all, double checking that the youngest two children will not need JR tickets or a passmo pass on normal subway trains. We are aware that they will have to seat on our laps without a ticket.

With the JR pass, will we be able to catch the Hikari shinkansen from Shinjuku station or only from Tokyo station?

Also, confirming that our JR pass is valid to travel in the areas mentioned in the title line above on the Hikari bullet trains as well as on the normal subway lines too throughout Tokyo?

Thank you for your assistance in advance.



Hello Lan,

Yes, your children below the age of 6 can travel for free, given that you would take them on your lap when the train is busy. This is for all kinds of transport in Japan, not just the railways. For reference see: Japan Rail Passes for children.

The Shinkansen does not stop at Shinjuku station, you can either board it from Shinagawa or Tokyo station within Tokyo city.

The JR Pass covers all lines lines nationwide, other transport however may not be included. Such as the Metro/Subway. In many cases though, you can use JR local lines instead. Also see:

Hope this helps,

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