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from kansai airport to kanagawa

From Kansai airport to Kanagawa

I wonder if there is any direct shinkansen from Osaka to Aiko-ishida station ( kanagawa )?
I will depart from a hostel near Tennoji ( dobutsuen mae station for example) to Aiko-Ishida . When I search on Hydra, all the route results include Shinkansen Nozomi. I heard that "Nozomi" is not inclued in Jr pass, isn't it?
If it's true then which route should I take to go from there to Aiko-ishida station ( kanagawa ) with Jr pass?
Thank you in advance!



Hello there,

Here is an example route from Kansai Airport to Aiko-ishida station most of the route is covered, expect for the Odakyu line.

Hope this helps,

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This really helps a lot. Thanks for your guidance.


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