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from haneda airport to hakone to kyoto to tateyama

From Haneda airport to Hakone to Kyoto to Tateyama

Hi, I have a JR voucher (need to convert in to JR pass) as we will reach early morning 6am at Haneda airport on 13thApril and straightaway wants to. Proceed to Hakone, please advise which route to take by JR pass.

From Hakone we will go to Kyoto and spend two days there. Advise which route to follow and the total time taken for each journey.

From Kyoto we need to go to Tateyama Kuobe alpine route, not sure how to make use of the JR pass al the way. Ad ise on the whole route and travel time from Kyoto to Tateyama.

From Tateyama we need to return to Tokyo, advise the best route with JR pass.


Hi there!

Haneda - Hakoke: First travel to Tokyo station using the Monorail from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho, this is the last stop for the Monorail. There transfer to the Yamanote line bound for Tokyo station. Tokyo is only 2 stops / 6min away from Hamamatsucho. At Tokyo station head to the Tokaido Shinkansen, these are the bullet trains. You can take a direct train from here to Odawara, which is the Shinkansen station for Hakone, from there local transport runs throughout the area.

Hakone - Kyoto: This one is simple, return to Odawara station from there you can take a direct train to Kyoto station. Trains depart every 30min and take a little over 2H to reach Kyoto.

Kyoto - Tateyama: From Kyoto take the train to Toyama, this is as far as your JR Pass will get you but it is the bigger part of the trip. From Toyama you can either take a bus for private-railway to Tateyama. Here is an example itinerary.

Tateyama - Tokyo. Please see this route as an example. Basically you return to Toyama station and ask the JR Staff there for tickets to Tokyo.

Hope this helps!

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