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fr tokyo to hakuba, hakone & mt fuji

Fr Tokyo to hakuba, hakone & mt Fuji

Hi expert, am planning to go hakuba, hakone & mt Fuji during my coming December visit. Pls advise if JR Line can be use to all destination? Also pls advise if 3d 2n is enough?


Hi May!

I've looked up the routes for you, below you can find a couple of example routes that are covered by the JR Pass.

Tokyo - Hakoba

Hakuba - Hakone (Odawara station)

Hakone - Tokyo.

Hope this gives you an idea of possible routes!

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Thanks Daniel San ..

How about from hakone to mt fuji 5th station ?

How many day would you advise for all three places fr Tokyo - hakuba - hakone - mt fuji - Tokyo?

Is all the transportation available daily?

Is it possible if I buy the tickets when I arrive in December?


Hi again!

Sorry for the late replay, I had written an answer before but somehow it did not submit.

The best way to travel to the 5th station is by bus, from instance from Gotemba. Here's more information on how to best access it.

As for how long to spend in each place, is would depend op how many days you have available. Ideallty you'd want to spend at least 3 days in Tokyo 3 in Hakuba and 1 in each other place.

Trains depart every day from 6am-12pm. You can indeed purchase the tickets once you arrive in Japan!

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hi daniel,

Ive planned my itinerary as below. Can you please help to advise train fare or is it worth to buy JR 7 days pass.

Travel date: 23rd - 31st December 2014
Arrival Tokyo: 23rd @ 1030PM

23-24/12 - Tokyo
25th - Tokyo - Hakuba (1 night)
26-27th - Hakuba to Hakone (fuji) - (2 nights)
28th - Hakone to Tokyo
28th-31st - Tokyo


Hi Again!

Here's a breakdown of ticket prices.

Tokyo - Hakuba ¥ 11,350
Hakuba - Hakone (Odawara station) ¥ 11,270
Odawara - Tokyo ¥ 3,940

For a total of ¥ 26,560 the 7 day JR Pass is ¥ 29,110 so it would be a little cheaper to buy normal tickets at this point.

Note that quoted prices may differ depending on route and trains travelled.

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