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first time in japan....completely clueless

First time in Japan....completely clueless

Hi. We are a group of 3 travelling to Japan for the first time. We are in Japan for 9 days and have decided to stay in Tokyo for the stay. We want to do trips out of Tokyo but also have transport around Tokyo. Would the JR pass be of use to us? Wanting to go to Mt Fuji, Osaka etc. Also what station would be the best to stay near in Tokyo for ease of transport? Thanks :)


This website is going to be your best bet: This will help you figure out train costs associated with traveling throughout Japan not using a rail pass. Just enter the TO and FROM destinations and it will give you timetables and pricing information.

If you are wanting to explore the cities\towns around Tokyo only then a JR pass may not be the most cost effective. However, you mention Osaka which costs 14,050 Yen per person one way from Tokyo. So in this case a rail pass may be a good idea.

Plus, the JR Pass can be used on the local trains around both Tokyo and Osaka. Osaka Loop or Kanjo line, Tokyo Yamanote line etc.

One more thing... since you are staying 9 days and JR passes only come in 7 or 14 days. I may recommend spending at least two days in\around Tokyo and use a Suica card to get around before activating your JR pass. You can get a Suica card in just about any train station. Load it with 2,000 yen and this will help you get around. + You can use at many vending machines which is fun :)

Good Luck!


Clarification: Your Japan Rail Pass is accepted on the circular JR Yamanote Line, but not the 13 subway lines which run off this which uses the Suica card.


That's great advice Ryan!

Just a little extra about the JR Pass, it really depends on where you plan to travel within Japan whether a JR Pass will be useful. It certainly is useful if you visit Osaka but I would not recommend one if you just stay in Tokyo. Let me know once you've gotten a more solid itinerary and ill check if a JR Pass could be of help!

Hope to hear from you!

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