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I am coming to Tokyo in december 10th and I'd like to know how can I get Toyota Stadium on 12th Dec. I have read that I should take a JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya and then a non JR Aichi loop line to Shin-Toyota Station,is that right? And after the game, is there a train from Toyota to Nagoya (I will stay for a night in a hotel at Nagoya)?

Next day, I'm planning to visit Kyoto before coming back to Tokyo. Which train should a take from Nagoya to Kyoto? Is there a JR bullet train? Should I make a seat reserve? How long does it take the trip by train from Nagoya to Kyoto?

Finally, is there a non stop bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo? At what time does it leave?

I have already bought a 7 day JR Pass ticket.

Thanks a lot

Maria Cláudia Bedotti


Hi Maria!

There are actually a few ways to get to Toyota stadium, but I think the route via JR Tozoji station in Nagoya and then change to the non-JR Aichi loop line to Shin-Toyota station is the simplest if you're coming from out of town as the Metro at Nagoya can be quite confusing. This will mean you get to Nagoya first, then transfer to JR-Tozoji (or Okazaki) station and finally get the non-JR Aichi loop line. Here's a full itinerary for you from Tokyo to help!

I think the games should end around 9:30pm and you'll be able to easily go back to Nagoya the way you came up to 10:40pm. Here's a sample itinerary for you for the last trains.

For your trip from Nagoya to Kyoto you can use the Hikari bullet train to do the journey in 37 minutes so you can be there in double quick time! You can make a reservation if you want anytime after you have activated your JR Pass, but for a simple trip like this simply hopping onto the next train in non-reserved seating will be fine I'd think. If you do want to reserve, you can usually make reservations on the very next train if you visit the JR ticket office on the day of travel so I recommend this if you are travelling in a group.

You can get the Hikari direct bullet train from Kyoto back to Tokyo. These leave Kyoto every 30 minutes up until 20:49 and will take around 2.5 hours. Here's a listing of the last trains for reference!

Hope this helps and you enjoy the games!

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