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exchanging voucher

Exchanging Voucher

Hi there,

I bought 2 week Japan Rail pass vouchers for me & my family. I understand we have to exchange them at a JR Rail Office and bring our passport. But I was I am travelling with my 75 year old father in law and young sons, does everyone need to be present for the exchange of the voucher, or can I go alone to the JR office with all passports to exchange and make our rail bookings?

Many thanks, Rose


Hello Rose,

In the past, everyone should be present for the JR Staff to exchange the voucher. Though lately, we have had feedback from customers that bringing the Passports and Voucher are enough.

So I think you will be okay just bringing the Passports and exchange vouchers. Worst case, you get to make a 2nd trip to the station.

Hope this helps,

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Great insight. Thanks Daniel!


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