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exchange location / activation date / required documents

Exchange Location / Activation Date / Required Documents


Can I exchange to JR Pass at Midorino Madoguchi at Atami Station? Do I need to use the JR pass immediately after the exchange? I want to activate the pass a couple days after arrival. Wondering if I can exchange at Narita Airport and activate it later.

Also, I am a Japanese citizen and required to provide documents to prove my residency outside of Japan. Does copy of my tax document suffice the needs? I really feel uncomfortable bringing my original tax documents to JR office. I hope they don't take a copy of it. Also, how come they don't accept a drivers license?

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Atami does not have a JRP exchange desk. A full list of stations can be found here. The closest to Atami is Odawara or Shin-Yokohama station.

For Japanese citizen, a two-fold proof of address outside of Japan is required. Think of a utility bill, tax record, letter from the local government etc. A driver license does not list the address in many countries.

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