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I was just trying to purchase 2, 7-day green Car passes for my trip in September.

Here is my question. We arrive in Japan September 1st and are going to stay in Japan one night in Narita before our trip to Vietnam. We then come back to Japan Sep 9th - 19th.

I will be entering the country twice.

Do these eligibility requirements I was prompted with effect me as ? Multiple entry ??? I should still be on a new single entry visa I imagine. Is a multiple entry visa something different I am not familiar with?

----------Who is NOT eligible?

The Japan rail pass will NOT be activated in Japan if the passenger is a visa holder of any other entry status or visa type regardless of duration.

Examples of non-eligible visa

Multiple entry visa (Include Temporary Visitor Visa Multiple Entry status)
Long term visas which allow to stay in Japan more than 90 days
Student visa
Permanent residency visa
Tokubetsu Eijuken holders (Special permanent residency visa)
Entertainer visa
Working holiday visa
Military entry status
Diplomatic passport holders
Any other visas which are not temporary visitor single entry visa for sightseeing
If you are unsure or would like confirmation of eligibility status, please contact us.


Hi there,

Travellers wishing to use the Japan Rail Pass have to enter Japan using a single entry tourist visa. Here is a list of countries who do not need a visa before entering Japan. If you hold a passport of any of these countries you will get a single entry visa when coming to Japan and a new one once you enter the country again.

Multiple entry visa's are generally for those who have to apply for a visa before hand.

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