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does the jrpass cover the twilight express?

Does the JRpass cover the Twilight Express?


Just wondering does the JRpass cover the Twilight Express?
If yes, how many hours will it take from Osaka to Sapporo?

Thank you


Hi there,

The JR Pass does cover the basic fare, which is the largest charge for the journey, however it does not cover the room fare (A or B type) on the Twilight Express.

The basic fare for the trip from Osaka to Sapporo is ¥16,170 - this is fully covered by the JR Pass. On top of this you will have to pay the room fee that can range from ¥8,400 for the cheapest sleeper car B room, to ¥13,650 for the expensive sleeper car A rooms.

Here is a sample itinerary on Hyperdia, and the train's timetable.

The Twilight Express is the longest sleeper journey in Japan, taking a whopping 22 hours. However, with the Twilight Express, the journey is part of the joy as it travels up the west coast of Japan with breathtaking sights of the sea and mountains. In addition to the rooms, there is an amazing observation car with huge curved windows and leather chairs, along with a full service restaurant and bar. Here is a video of a person taking the trip (With shots of A and B class), and a search on youtube for other videos of the experience.

Hope this helps!

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