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do i buy 7 day pass for 6 day in japan?

Do I buy 7 day pass for 6 day in Japan?

hi I'm planning a 12 day trip to Japan in December.
I intend to fly to Hokkaido for 6 days from Haneda.
I intend to travel to Nara-Osaka-Kyoto upon my return
from Hokkaido.
How can I make good use of the JR pass?
Thank you!


Hello there,

It depends on what you exactly route you plan to cover. However I certainly see potential here.

For instance, you could use a 7 day JR Pass for Tokyo - Nara - Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo. Within Hokkaido, the JR Pass can also be used and works best when traveling longer distances, for instance Sapporo - Hakodate.

The key to using the JR Pass as good as possible, is to cover the routes that cost most with it. Generally these are traveled by bullet train, such as between Tokyo - Kyoto.

Hope this helps,

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The question is somewhat ambiguous. If you are asking if you can purchase the pass in Japan, the answer is definitely not. You must buy the exchange order before you arrive in Japan. Some of your itinerary is unclear also - you can certainly fly to Hokkaido quite inexpensively and quickly on a low cost carrier like Jet Star or Peach, but are you flying back to Tokyo, or to Osaka? You can do either, but if you fly to Osaka you don't need to get a rail pass and it would be a waste of money.

A rail pass might make sense, but please explain your full itinerary more.


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