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delivery address when buying the pass online

Delivery address when buying the pass online

Dear All,
We are travelling to Japan - Osaka on the 14 of October 2015 from Dubai - UAE.
I am trying to buy the JR Pass online, but is asking me for a delivery address. I understand it can take up to 4 days to obtain the pass-voucher delivered, and I am afraid we will be gone by the time the pass arrive in Dubai...!!
Do we need to have this pass-voucher to activate the pass upon arrival in Japan? Can I provide the address of the Hotel in Osaka as a delivery address? We will arrive in Osaka and we will stay for a couple days there before we start travelling using the JR Pass. How people do when buying the pass very close to the date of travelling to Japan?.

We will appreciate your prompt assistance as we want to buy the pass today (Saturday 10.10.2015) itself.

Thanks in advance..!!!


Hi there,

We can indeed ship the JR voucher to your accommodation in Japan, what is important, is that you place the order outside of Japan. You can then pick it up at your hotel at start using it when you want.

Please note that the first dispatch is Monday.

Hope this helps!

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