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cost of ticket

Cost of Ticket

I'm planning to make several stops to and from of travel as below:

1) Tokyo to Sapporo
2) Tokyo to Yokohama
3) Sapporo to Sendai
4) Sendai to Osaka
5) Osaka to Nagoya
6) Osaka to Kyoto
7) Osaka to Hiroshima
8) Osaka to Himeji
9) Osaka to Fukuoka

With JRD 14 days 1st class pass, do I get to travel free on all the routes or additional tickets are required? Please advise the estimated cost for each of the route. Thanks


Hi there,

You can make amazing savings using a JR Pass for all these routes and Green Class will be very nice as well with this amount of travels.

For fare estimates, please use our JR Fare Calculator.

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