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confused about train prices

Confused about train prices

I am trying to work out if it is worth me getting a pass so have checked normal ticket prices on HyperDia. The cost of a ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto is listed as 8210 yen for the fare but then an additional cost 5700 reserved or 4870 unreserved for a seat. So is it the case that you always have to pay on top of the basic fare price on Japanese trains if you want a seat? i.e. the fare price is for standing only? So I should only look at the total price including seat and not the fare price listed?


Hi there,

In Hyperdia always look at the Total, the other prices like fares Fare/Seat Fee explain what the prices consists off but to keep things simple, always look at the total. This is the price you would pay for making the trip.

Going into it a little deeper.

The Fare is the price for the distance travelled, local trains only have this.

The Seat Fee is the price paid for high speed and comfortable travel. Limited express train and Shinkansen all have this.

Lastly, you will see a Seat Fee on the right side. This can change a little if you take a reserved or non reserved seat, or a Green seat (1st class) seat.

Hope this helps,

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