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Hi, I am traveling to Japan with my son on June 19th, we arrive at Narita and travel to Tokyo, where we stay for 5 nights, then onto Kyoto for 3 nights. We depart from Narita as well. My question is how much will the 7 day all Japan rail pass cover? Does it work for travel around Tokyo and day trips to Mt. Fuji and/or Nikko? I'm assuming it will work to Kyoto, can we travel straight to Narita from Kyoto, or does it go through Tokyo? Would it be better to get a Narita Express ticket as well as a 7 day pass since we are actually there 8 days? I have read some of your responses about seeing Kyoto and Tokyo, thank you for sharing your expertise! I have added several things to do to our list!

Liz M
Liz M

Hi there,

The 7 day JR Pass can certainly be a big help for your itinerary. You can make savings by using the 7 day JR Pass, given that you at least do Tokyo - Kyoto and a way one Tokyo - Narita Airport with it. From there any additional travel basically is free, for instance travel to Nikko or local travel within the JR Network of Tokyo.

To travel to Kyoto, take the Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo station and from there take the bullet train to Kyoto from there. The entire route is covered by the JR Pass.

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Thank you for your help!

Liz M
Liz M

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