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chiba - osaka

Chiba - Osaka

Would you be so kind and give my some help about the following travel plan:
Mon 30 sept arrival at Hanada airport - going to Chiba
Tue 1 Oct Chiba - Tokyo - Chiba
Wed 2 Oc Chiba - Nikko - Chiba
Thi 3 Oct and Fri 4 Oct Might do Chiba - Jigokudani - Chiba if not Chiba -Tokyo - Chiba
Sat 5 Oct Chiba - Osaka
Sun 6 OCt Osaka
Mon 7 Oct Osaka - Nara - Osaka
Tue 8 Oct Osaka - Kyoto - Osaka
Wed 9 Oct Osaka - Kyoto - Osaka
Thi 10 Oct Osaka - Koyasan
Fri 11 Oct Koyasan - Osaka
Sat 12 Oct Osaka - Kansai aiport

First I would like to ask if there is any train from Haneda airport to Chiba after 1am (I am arriving at Haneda airport on 30/9 at 00.01am)?

What is your recommendation about buying JRPass - 7 days or 14 days?

I am looking forward for your replay.

Best wishes!


Hi there!

Unfortunately the last train connection departs from Haneda Airport at 23:09 so I would recommend staying the night near Haneda Airport and travelling on the next morning, a taxi will costs hundreds of dollars/euros/pounds so avoid them for sure.

As for a JR Pass, I do think that a 7 day JR Pass may be worth it if you use it to travel to Nikko, Jikokudani and Osaka, using it from Oct 1st - Oct 7th. This way you would make some good savings over normal, depending on how much travel.

Your plan looks like a very nice trip, make the most of it!

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