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can upgrade to green pass?

can upgrade to green pass?


Thank you so much, Daniel-san for a fast reply...
to my previous mail.
I have decided to get the JR pass as I have changed the itinerary to Kyoto cos
there is no snow in first week of Dec... ( initially want to go Habuku)

If I buy a ordinary JR PASS,
Is it possible to upgrade to green pass only when it is necessary.. like Kyoto -Tokyo?
Can you do it at the station and top up money?


Hi Again!

It is possible to upgrade to Green Class, however I would not recommend this as the price for the upgrade is rather high.

Have a look at the route Tokyo - Kyoto. As you can see the total fare for Green Class is ¥ 18,380 (Fare:¥ 8,210 Seat Fee:¥ 10,170). If you wish to buy an upgrade to Green Class and you have an ordinary pass, then you will have to pay the full Seat Free ¥ 10,170. Now have a look at the price difference between the 7 day Ordinary pass and the 7 day Green Pass, which is ¥ 9,770 so it's actually cheaper to buy a Green Pass right away then to buy an upgrade whilst in Japan.

Hope this helps!

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