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can the pass be used on buses? getting around tokyo and kyoto

Can the pass be used on buses? Getting around Tokyo and Kyoto

Hi there,

Just wondering if the pass could be used on buses and maybe other type of transportations? Just realized there are some places that you cannot use the JR pass like the metro in Tokyo. I'm planning to go to Tokyo and Kyoto, can I use it on the buses or subway or other type of transportation to get around the two cities?

Also, where can I reserve a seat for bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo and vice versa (I don't read Japanese)?

Thanks for your help!


Hi there!

You can use to JR-Pass on many of the local JR-lines in Tokyo such as the Yamanote line, which is very helpfull line as it makes a loop through Tokyo and stops at many almost all famous disctrics, including places like Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku and Ueno. Here is a map with trains you can use on Tokyo. There is also a limited amount of local JR Busses you can use in Japan.

Local transport in Kyoto itself generally is not covered by the JR-Pass, you can buy a 1day bus pass for just 500 yen that allows unlimited rides for one day!

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Thanks Daniel! That's very helpful.

Could you also let me know where i can reserve a seat for bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo and vice versa (I don't read Japanese)?

Thanks again!



Hi again!

Making seat reservations is very easy. You can go to any Ticket Counter once you have activated your JR Pass.
These can be found on every JR station in Japan, simply show the staff your pass and tell them where you would like to go. The JR Staff will than print the tickets for you and you are good to go!

Let me know if I can help with anything else!


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