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can i use the jr pass for all the destinations?

Can I use the JR pass for all the destinations?


I will be travelling to Japan (Tokyo & Osaka) in December for 10 days. May I check if the JR pass can be used for all the travelling including in Tokyo & Osaka, and Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka? Can you help me to see if I can use the National pass or should I get a different regional pass to save cost?

For regional pass, can I use it to travel from Tokyo to Osaka using Shinkansen ?

Day 1 (Sat) - Reach NRT at 2pm (Airport to Shinjuku) (Shinjuku to Ameyoko @ Ueno)
Day 2 (Sun) – (Shinjuku to Shibuya/ Harajuku)
Day 3 (Mon) - (Shinjuku to DisneyLand)
Day 4 (Tues) -(Shinjuku to DisneySea))
Day 5 (Wed) – (Shinjuku to Tskuji Fish market )
Day 6 (Thurs) –(Shinjuku to Day trip to Mt Fuji & Ikebukuro )
Day 7 (Fri) – Tokyo -> Osaka (Cup noodles museum)
Day 8 (Sat) – Universal Studios
Day 9 (Sun)- Shinsaibashi
Day 10 (Mon) – Evening Flight from Osaka back to Singapore

Is there anything that I should take note?


Hi there,

While the JR Pass covers travel to all of these places, I would recommend purchasing normal tickets as most travel is local within Tokyo/Osaka and the only expensive trip is Tokyo - Osaka but that is not enough to make savings using the JR Pass. Within Tokyo you can purchase JR or Metro day pases if you want to do a lot of sightseeing.

There's no local pass that covers Tokyo - Osaka, expect for the normal JR Pass.

Hope this helps,

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