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can i use jr pass in my trip

Can I use JR pass in my trip


My itinerary:
Day 1-3: tokyo ( arrive in Narita and staying near otsuka. Plan to travel along the green line in tokyo.
Day 4-5: Kyoto: plan to go to GION, Arashiyama, tenruyi temple, fushimi inari taisha shrine.
Day 6-8: Osaka and Nara: plan to go to Osaka castle, Osaka tower, Dotonburi and the aquarium.
Day 9: back to tokyo for 1 night and will be staying at nihonzutsumi taito, area in tokyo.

As my trip is for 10 days, we plan to buy 7 days JR pass then use single tickets for day 1-3 while we were in Tokyo as most the attractions are within the green line. Is there such thing as "All-day pass" for those 3 days to travel along the green line in tokyo OR Do I have to buy single tickets for every direction?
I saw online that they recommended to buy "pasmo travel pass' or chargeable suica ? what is this pass for? is this a day pass for train?

WIll all my trips above be covered by the 7 days JR pass?

thank you


Hello there,

The JR Pass covers travel between all the cities you plan to visit. However you may still require local travel to visit some tourist attractions. For instance in Kyoto, Gion does not have a JR station close by, you can use the subway to travel there. Still you will make good savings using a 7 day JR Pass.

As for a Suica card, this is a prepaid travel card that you may see in other big cities as well. Its convenient to enter and exit the station, bus or any other kind of transport without buying tickets each time.

Hope this helps,

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