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can i courier my big luggage ?

Can i courier my big luggage ?

Dear Sir,
Good Morning,

I from Sabah, Malaysia to Kobe attend Convention in KOBE, I will bring big luggage with me.
But as what i know, Bullet Train cannot bring BIG LUGGAGE only small and light luggage can do.

My question:-
1. CAN I COURIER MY LUGGAGE from Narita to Kobe?
2. Narita Airport go any courier service?
3. I need my big luggage for Convention use on the next day, What time my luggage can arrival my hotel in kobe?
4. I arrive Narita Airport at 1400hrs. Do i still sufficient time for me to do my courier service from Narita airport to Kobe?

Looking forward from you.

Thank you.

Francis Liew
Francis Liew

Dear Francis Liew,

Thank you for contacting us.

1 & 2.) There are courier services available at Narita airport. These generally deliver overnight. A full list can be found here.

3 &4 .) This is unfortunately something I can't answer. It is best to contact the delivery company directly and ask about delivery times.

All the best,

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