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are these locations accessible using the jr pass?

Are these locations accessible using the JR Pass?


i would like to enquire if the following itinerary can be achieved using the JR Pass.

1) Narita Airport to Shin Osaka Station. i'm arriving in narita at 3pm. could i still make it to Osaka on the same day?
2) Shin Osaka Station to Osaka Universal Studios
3) Shin Osaka Station to Dotonbori, Osaka Castle, Shinsaibashi
3) Shin Osaka Station to Himeiji Castle, Nara
4) Shin Osaka Station to Kyoto
5) Kyoto to Mt Fuji
6) Mt Fuji to Gotemba Outlet
7) Hakone to Tokyo

sorry for the long list, but i am really clueless.

thank you.


Hi there,

You can do most of your itinerary with the JR Pass and you'll have enough time to travel to Osaka if you arrive at 3 pm, though you'll arrive late in the evening.

Fuji may require additional tickets, depending on where you want to go. We have a detailed post about traveling to Fuji here. Additionally you may also require additional transport within cities.

The rest looks good to me!

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