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activation of rail pass

Activation of Rail Pass

Where in Tokyo can I exchange and activate my rail pass other than the airport?

We are staying in the KeiseiTateishi Station area and plan to start using our rail pass when we go from there to Kanazawa.

Can I use the pass to go from KeiseiTateishi Station to Ueno.?


Len P


Of course. Many people start using the pass without activating it at the airport. You can get a list of places in Japan at:

The Keisei is not run by JR - but at the JR Ueno Station you can activate it at the Information Center.


Hi there,

KeiseiTateishi Station unfortunately is not an a JR line, Keisei is a completely different company. I checked for the closest JR station but it's more than 30 minutes away on foot, so I would stick to using the Keisei line.

The JR Pass can be activated at the following stations in Tokyo:
Tokyo Station - Ueno - Shinjuku - Shibuya - Ikebukuro - Shinagawa

Hope this helps,

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Thank you Daniel. We will just use our Pasmo card to get to Ueno then start from there.

Len P


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