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7d pass tokyo-aomori-hokkaido-yokohama-tokyo

7D pass Tokyo-Aomori-Hokkaido-Yokohama-Tokyo

Kindly advise what is the cheapest & comfortable way to make use of 7D pass for our intended visit in April, 2014 as below:

Day1. Arrival at 11.30pm to Heneda Airport intend to take night train to Aomori straight away
Day1 to Day3: Visit to Aomori
Day 4 & 5 : Visit to Hokkaido
Day 6 &7 : train from Hokkaido to Yokohama
Day 7 & 8 : train from Yokohama to Tokyo and late departure from Haneda airport at 11.00pm on day 8

Thank you


Hi There!

Sorry to bring you bad news but there are no night trains available if you land at Haneda airport after 11.30pm. The only night-train covered by the JR Pass heading for Aomori is the Akebono express which leaves Ueno station around 22.00.
I would recommend taking a hotel near the airport / Tokyo station and than take an early Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Shin-Aomori. This way you would also be able to use your JR Pass for day 2-8 and cover all of your travel with it, including the way back to Haneda Airport.

I hope this helps!

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TQ. Hope you could advise:
1. How long journey from Shin-Aomori to Hakodate (then to Sapporo) by Sinkansen
2. How long to travel back from Sapporo to Yokohama by Shinkansen


Hello again!

1.) Travel from Shin-Aomori takes about 141 Minutes and on to Sappro takes an other 197 Minutes.

2.) Travel from Sapporo to Yokohama takes around 614 Minutes total. Here is some more detailed route info from Hyperdia.

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