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7 or 14 day pass

7 or 14 day pass

We are a couple that are visiting Japan next march. We´ll be staying from the 4th till the 18th and are not sure if it´s better using a 7 or the 14 day pass. This is our approx itinerary:
4th.Arrive Tokyo.
5th - 10th.Tokyo.Visiting Nikko, Kamakura and Yokohama.
12th.Osaka.Visiting Nara and Fushimi Inari.
13th - 15th.Kyoto.Different excursions.
16th.Hiroshima and Miyajima.
18th.Flying back.
It will be very helpful if someone could advise us on our itinerary.
Many Thanks.Luis..


Hi Luis!

Lets take a look at your costs assuming you land in Narita:

  1. Tokyo > Nikko: ¥5,230 (121mins, 150km)
  2. Nikko > Tokyo: ¥5,230 (121mins, 150km)
  3. Tokyo > Kamakura: ¥1,700 (48mins, 51km)
  4. Kamakura > Tokyo: ¥1,700 (48mins, 51km)
  5. Tokyo > Yokohama: ¥1,460 (23mins, 28km)
  6. Yokohama > Tokyo: ¥1,460 (23mins, 28km)
  7. Tokyo > Osaka: ¥13,550 (194mins, 556km)
  8. Osaka > Himeji: ¥3,640 (47mins, 95km)
  9. Himeji > Osaka: ¥3,640 (47mins, 95km)
  10. Osaka > Nara: ¥780 (51mins, 48km)
  11. Nara > Inari: ¥650 (71mins, 39km)
  12. Inari > Kyoto: ¥140 (6mins, 2km)
  13. Kyoto > Hiroshima: ¥10,590 (112mins, 380km)
  14. Hiroshima > Miyajimaguchi: ¥400 (26mins, 21km)
  15. Miyajimaguchi > Tokyo: ¥18,050 (331mins, 916km)
  16. Tokyo > Narita airport terminal 1: ¥3,140 (58mins, 79km)

JR ticket cost: ¥71,360 for 16 legs

As you can see you'll make great savings with the 14 day JR Pass during your trip. Note that the 14 day pass will not give you 100% coverage as you are in Japan for 15 days. I recommend activating your JR Pass on day 2, and purchasing a Narita Express + SUICA card bundle on arrival into Narita. This will get you into Tokyo and includes ¥1500 of free metro travel on a prepaid card.

Hope this helps!

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