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7 days pass. can i pick up the days i'll be using the ticket?

7 days pass. can I pick up the days I'll be using the ticket?

I'm arriving in Sendai on June 7th at 5pm. And leaving from Sendai on June 19 (13 days in total).
I want to fight from Tokyo (Narita) to China late night on June 7th and be back to Osaka on June 11th.
Can I use the 7 days pass for June 7, 13,15,16,17,18,and 19 ( 7 days ) or I have to buy the 14 days pass even though I'm only going to be really using it for a few days ( 5 to 7 days in total ).

So, is the 7 days pass 7 days in a row only or I can use 7 different days I'll be using it?

Thanks for your help.



The full JR passes all are counted as days in a row (consecutive). Getting a 14 day pass would not be cost effective if you are not traveling far. It would be better to buy a regular ticket to go to Sendai on June 7th, and a 7 day pass for the rest of your time in Japan, if the cost of the regular fare travel exceeds the cost of the 7 day pass.

If you are not traveling far, a regional pass as those listed under Kansai on

might be all your need.

All of this depends on your travel itinerary though, which you have not elaborated on.


Thanks very much for the info :)


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