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7 days in tokyo and kyoto

7 days in Tokyo and Kyoto


I am deciding if I should purchase the 7-day JR pass.

Our party includes 2 adults and 1 kid (4 yrs old). We are arriving at NRT at 4pm on 4/10; staying 3 nights at Park Hyatt Tokyo; and other 3 nights in Kyoto. We will depart from KIX on 4/17 back to the US. We just want to enjoy Japan at leisure pace so I don't have crazy itinerary plan. We might do day trip to Hakone when we are in Tokyo and day trip to Nara when we are in Kyoto.

My questions are:
- Does it make sense to buy 7-day JR pass? - Airport Limousine and 2-day metro pass seems to work for my 3 days in Tokyo. Do you agree? - Do I need a Suica card for convenient? - Can I use Suica card for Kyoto-Kansai airport on the Haruka No. 19?

With the kid, I just want the most direct route without transfer from station to station.

Thank you for your response.


Hi there!

I would suggest buying a normal one way ticket for Tokyo - Kyoto, the JR Pass would have been a good choice if you made a return trip. Instead you could look at a Suica card this does make travel a lot easier as you don't have to buy a ticket for each leg or figure out the price each time you wish to travel.

The Haruka express between Kyoto - Kansai Airport is a limited express train and it is not possible to use Suica on it. I would recommend buying a ticket in advance, this way you can make seat reservations at the same time.

Have a good journey!

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Hello Daniel,

Thank you for prompt response.

Sounds like Suica card makes more sense for travel within Tokyo.

From NRT to the hotel, how convenient is it to have 2-3 bags of luggage, plus a stroller and take the N'EX to Shinjuku and taxi to hotel? Will I have enough storage space on N'EX for all of my luggage? Airport Limousine drops off directly at the hotel. Of course, N'EX is cheaper at 1500 vs. 3100 for the Airport Limousine.

Thanks again.


Taking the NEX with luggage is absolutely no problem! There are special luggage compartments in every train car and it really is the best way to get fast into Tokyo. Of course I could understand taking the Limousine taxi if it stops right in from of your hotel.

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