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7 day trip in november

7 day trip in November


I will be travelling to Japan in November.

My planned itinerary is:

11 November - Tokyo to Osaka
12 November - Osaka to Kyoto (day return)
13 November - Osaka to Kobe (day return)
14 November - Osaka to Tokyo

Is it worth me getting the JR Pass? Can I use it on all the routes? Is it also possible to use on the city metros?

If it is worth buying, please advise on the benefits of the green car

Also, how do I get the tickets in the station? Do I just arrive at the station in time for my train?



Hi there,

I would advise a 7 day JR Pass for your travel. The pass is roughly the same as a normal return ticket Osaka - Tokyo on the Shinkansen and would also help you to travel around Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Tokyo. All these cities have an internal JR network which is particular extensive in Tokyo and Osaka.

Green Class offers more comfort and quiet and is nice to consider if you wish to travel in a more relaxed setting.

Here is how to make seat reservations,

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