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7 day pass vs. 14 day pass

7 day pass vs. 14 day pass

Hi! just wondering which is the best pass to use. 7 day or the 14 day since we are staying in japan for 15 days.
aug 7 - arrival narita stay in tokyo umejima
aug 8 - osaka
aug 9 - osaka
aug 10 - half day osaka then travel to kyoto stay
aug 11 - nara and kyoto
aug 12 - kyoto then go back to tokyo umejima
aug 13 - 1 day tour yokohama
aug 14 - 20 - no plans yet
aug 21 - departure from narita

if you have better suggestions than this I'm so willing to take it since its our first time to go around japan. we also arranged the hotel in osaka and kyoto so the dates are already fix. thank you! ;)


It is impossible to tell until there is more info on your plans for Aug 14-20. As is, a 7 day pass makes the most sense. But if you want to travel a lot during Aug 14-20, a 14 day pass might make more sense, or if you want to take a few days and see the Tokyo area, a 7 day pass + a Kanto Area Pass might be better. Please give more info.

Good luck.


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