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7-day pass validity

7-day pass validity

Good day.
We are planning to purchase the 7-day pass for our trip next month.
We will be arriving on February 28 around 10 pm at the Kansai International Airport and go straight to Kyoto using the JR pass.
Since our first use of the JR pass will be February 28 at 10 pm, if we count exact 7 days, this means that it will be valid until March 7 10 pm? so if our flight back home at Kansai airport is around 7 pm of March 7, our 7 day pass is still good for our train to Kansai airport?



Hi there!

The JR Pass validity is measured by days rather than on an hourly basis. This means that if you activate your 7 day pass on the 28th, it will expire at 23:59 on the 6th of March. I'm afraid this means that you will need to purchase tickets for at least 1 of your legs to or from the Airport.

Tickets can be purchased quite cheaply (if you do not use the Haruka express) for ¥1,830 each way using the Kansai Airport rapid service with 1 change at Osaka, so I recommend you use this route.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Fluffy!

Like Mari says tickets can be gotten quite cheaply. Just some advice I would like to add because of your late arrival:
The last train you can use to get to Kyoto leaves at 23:09, this should be more than enough time to get to customs and collect your luggage.

Still if you feel uncomfortable about this consider booking accommodations near the Airport or in Osaka for the first night.

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thank you daniel-san and mari!


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