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7 day jr pass? + tokyo metro?

7 day JR pass? + Tokyo Metro?

Hi,I will arrive in Narita on Dec 7,and I will stay in Tokyo for 3 days.After that,I wanna take the Hikari to Kyoto, and I will spend 3 nights in Kyoto.Then I will go to Nara and Osaka.During the trip I will also take metro and JR train for some short journeys near Tokyo and Kyoto.So I don't know wether a 7 day JR pass is my best choice.Can I take metro in Tokyo with JR pass?

Thank you very much!


Hi there,

I think if you return to Tokyo then a 7 day JR Pass will be a good choice for you. If not, then perhaps individual tickets will be a better choice - it's hard to know without your precise dates of travel though.

You can use the JR Pass on all JR operated lines in Tokyo. Here is a map of JR lines in Tokyo for reference. As Tokyo metro is not operated by JR however you cannot use the JR Pass here and will need to purchase tickets. There are discount Tokyo metro passes available for overseas visitors which you can purchase at Narita that you may be interested in.

Hope this helps!

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