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7-day jr pass is insufficient for our travel

7-day JR pass is insufficient for our travel

hi! this is our itinerary, & I think 7-day JR pass is not enough to shoulder all fares. can you suggest what other rail pass we should purchase on top of the 7-day JR pass?

(costs taken fron Hyperdia) -KANSAI AIRPORT to NISHINAKAJIMANAMIGATA -thru JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service ¥1,030 +¥270= ¥1,1300 -NISHINAKAJIMANAMIGATA to SPACE WORLD-thru Shinkansen Sakura 567 ¥13,950 one way (¥27,900 back n forth) -NISHINAKAJIMANAMIGATA to TOKYO-thru Shinkansen Hikari 476 ¥13,950 -TOKYO to KANSAI AIRPORT-Sjinkansen Hikari 513 ¥15,520

pls. help.



Hi Cathy,

Just to clarify, how long will you be staying in Japan? As a 7 day JR Pass would work out great for you if you plan to do all your travel in a week.

A 7 day JR Pass is 28,300 yen and your return trip to space world alone is about the same price (27,900) so any additional travel is basically what you save!

You could also purchase a 14 day JR Pass if you need more time, which is 45,100Yen and you would still make you some very good savings!

I hope this helps!

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