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7 day jr: kyoto - mirajima is. - hiroshima - nozawa - tokyo

7 day JR: Kyoto - Mirajima is. - Hiroshima - Nozawa - Tokyo

We plan to trigger the 7 day pass with the trip to Mirajima is. Is the pass worth getting for this itinery?
Can anyone tell me how much of the travelling can be done with the JR pass, as i hear that the ferry to Mirajima is. Is not covered, nor the last leg to Nozawa. Will a suica/pasmo card cover these extra legs?
Also we are looking for somewhere to stop for 1 night between Hiroshima & Nozawa to cut travel time in half. Any suggestions outside of Tokyo?

Thanks in advance


Hi there,

I am not sure where you are reading that travel to Miyajima/Nozawa would not be covered but I can confirm that you can use the JR Pass to travel to both!

To get to Miyajima, take a local train from Hiroshima station to Miyajima-Guchi, from there you can use the ferry (included as well) to Miyajima.

For Nozawa, the station you want to look for is called Togari-Nozowa-Onsen, you can use the JR Pass to travel there.

Given that you are travelling a lot! I can definitely recommend using a 7 day JR Pass. You could make a stop over at Shizuoka for a nice view on Fuji and trying the local green tea before travelling on to Nozawa.

Hope this helps,

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