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7 and 9 days in april (tokyo - kyoto)

7 and 9 days in April (Tokyo - Kyoto)

Hi, we are thinking about getting 7 day rail pass. Is there anything else we should get or reconsider our plan?
We have 6 people traveling April 5 - April 12
2 of us will stay two additional days till April 14

April 5- arrive 11pm to Haneda airport(check in at Royal Park hotel in the airport for 2 nights)
April 6 - Tokyo and Yokohama.
April 7 - Kyoto APA hotel at Kyoto station for 3 nights
April 8 - Kyoto
April 9 - Kyoto to Hiroshima and Miyajima and back to Kyoto
April 10 - Kyoto to Tokyo (stay at Courtyard Marriott Tokyo station for 2 & 4 nights)
April 11 - Mt Fuji
April 12 - 5:10pm 4 people flight departure from Narita Airport
April 13- 2 people Tokyo city tour
April 14 - 2 people fight departure from Narita airport

thanks a lot


A 7 day pass would pay off in your case. While Yokohama has some sights, going down to Kamakura/Enoshima would be more enjoyable. You could still see some of Yokohama along the way.
Be sure to take at least half a day and go see Nara as well - it is well worth it.


All of you should validate 7 day JR Pass on Apr 6 unless the 2 make a day trip from Tokyo on April 13.


Thank you so much for the replies. We will visit Kamakura and Nara as well.
Since we are going to visit Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hiroshima, we are probably only spending one day in Kyoto. Kyoto hotel is more expensive and harder to find but at least we got 3 rooms for 3 nights so far ($275/per room/per night). Osaca hotels are cheaper but is it more convenient to stay in Osaka or Kyoto? We will try to find hotels near train stations.


You will be in Japan during the height of cherry blossoms, which is an extremely popular (and expensive) time to be in cities like Kyoto. Some stay in Osaka, and it is just 30 minutes to go to Kyoto from Osaka Station. In the past I stayed in Otsu (Shiga Prefecture), which is just 10 minutes from Kyoto Stn. But at this late date, it may be hard to find someplace close and cheap. A lot also depends on what you are satisfied with regarding the accommodations.

There are many places you can try though:

or you can try some of the bigger booking engines:

For the amount you have set up to pay, you could stay in a very fancy Japanese inn or ryokan.


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