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21 days trip with or without jr pass??

21 days trip with or without JR pass??


my flight is on the next thursday , can i order my JR pass online and arrive to me before my flight ?

also , i have some questions because i'm still confused about getting JR pass or not !
first my trip as follow :

day 1 : Narita airpot -> Tokyo
day 5 : Tokyo -> Kyoto
day 8: Kyoto -> Osaka
day 11: Osaka -> Tokyo
day 16: Tokyo -> Yokohama -> Tokyo (at the same day)
day 17 : Tokyo -> hakone -> Tokyo (at the same day)
day 21 : Tokyo -> Narita airpot

dose JR pass really saved money for my trip ?
also, i can only use JR pass on trains not on buses on local trains without paying any additional money ? i mean i only have to show my pass and that's it no extra money and no ticket ?

i have read the whole site but still confused there're so many instructions and so many types of trains and seats i can't use JR pass with it ! so where exactly i can it without any additional money ?

i'm attend to pay 21 days with Ordinary type .

sorry for my english and long questions


Hello there,

I am not exactly sure where you are from but we ship very fast and reliable with Fed-Ex.
You can find delivery time world wide HERE.

A 7 day JR Pass could certainly be useful for your trip. For instance a normal return ticket Tokyo - Kyoto/Osaka on the Shinkansen is about the same price as the 7 day JR Pass. Now for the same price you get 7 days of unlimited travel.
The JR Pass fuctions as one ticket, you show it at the gate and can go trough without any other tickets. It is also possible to make seat reservations free of charge beforehand. In this case you will also receive a printed ticket with your seat number.

My advice would be to buy a 7 day JR pass for your visit to Kyoto, Osaka and back to Tokyo and buy normal tickets for the other trips. This way you would make the best savings.

Hope this helps!

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thanks Daniel for your reply ,

but i have a question , so if i bought 7 days thats means i only use it for 7 day with unlimited travel for each day right ?
also, if i got the 7 days that's means i can't use it in local trains in the same city for free?


Hi again,

That's correct, you would have 7 days of unlimited travel. You can use the JR Pass for local travel as well during it's validity period.

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