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2 jrp and pasmo?

2 JRP and Pasmo?


This year I am in Japan from 29. August - 3. October.
It´s a long stay, so I will buy 2 JRP.
It´s my third stay in Japan, so I have the Pasmo card.

My Plan is:
29. August from Narita Airport to Tokyo
30. August from Tokyo to Sendai and back with the last train
31. August to 8. Sept. stay in Tokyo
9. Sept. Tokyo to Sendai and again back with the last train
10-16. Sept. Tokyo
17. Sept from Tokyo to Ichikawa and back
18-25. Sept. Tokyo
26. Sept. Tokyo to Osaka
29. Sept. back from Osaka
29. Sept.- 3. Oct. Tokyo
3. Oct. Tokyo to Narita Airport

I will take one JPR from 29. August for 2 weeks, then I take my Pasmocard and one JRP from 26. Sept. for 1 week.
Is this the best way?

Please give me an answer!

Thank you!


Hello there,

Finding the best option for this one is indeed not that easy. A 14 day JR Pass would indeed be the best for the first part of your itinerary. A normal one way Tokyo - Sendai is ¥ 11,200 and you'll almost cover the full fare of the pass itself with two return trip Tokyo - Sendai. From there you will make good savings with travel from Narita Airport included and to Tokyo.

Then for the return trip to Osaka, making a return trip Tokyo - Osaka using the Shinkansen is almost the same price as a normal 7 day JR Pass. However you'd get the best value if you were to use it for a little more travel. Think about making a day trip from Osaka or Tokyo. A side visit to Nikko for instance is well worth considering.

Hope this helps,

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Thx for answer!!!

And an other question´s:

When I take the 1 week pass from 26. Sept it works to 02. Oct. and for 03. Oct. I must take a ticket to Narita Airport. Right?

And the last Train from Sendai to Tokyo, departure is on 21:47 right?


Hello there,

Yes you are correct about returning to Narita Airport.

I also checked the last departure from Sendai to Tokyo and that's 21:47 :)

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